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Our Samsung Laptop Repair Services and Costs

The table below lists some of the Samsung Laptop Repair services that we provide and the estimated costs of our services. The cost varies depending on the exact model of your Samsung Laptop, and is thus presented as an estimated range.

Our Services Repair Time Price (AED)
Samsung Laptop screen / LED replacement 1-3 hrs 145 – 375
Samsung Laptop keyboard replacement 1 hr 65 – 175
Samsung Laptop motherboard replacement* 1 day 200 – 600
Samsung Laptop cooler CPU fan replacement 1-3 hrs 75 – 125
Samsung Laptop hinges replacement 1-3 hrs 85 – 175
Samsung Laptop body A/B part top cover replacement 3-6 hrs 250 – 350
Samsung Laptop body C/D part bottom replacement 3-6 hrs 250 – 350
Samsung Laptop 1TB internal HDD replacement 1-3 hrs 195
Samsung Laptop 1TB SSD 2.5” replacement 1-3 hrs 575
Samsung Laptop DVD r/w internal replacement 1-3 hrs 145
Samsung Laptop SDRAM upgrade replacement 1-3 hrs 165

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Note: The above Samsung Laptop LED prices do not include touchscreen LED panels. For touchscreen panels, please contact us.

*depends on model

Samsung Laptop common Problems and Solutions

Samsung Laptop common Problems and Solutions

Symptom: Power light is ON but there is no display and signal on the screen
Problem: Motherboard VGA section is not working as it should
Solution: The main VGA chipset needs to be replaced (subject to availability)
Estimated cost: AED 145 to AED 375

Symptom: No light on front panel/no power
Problem: There are internal faults in power section
Solution: Power IC should be replaced
Estimated cost: AED 75 to AED 175

Symptom: Abnormal display, a bright spot on the screen, flickering/flashing screen, lines on display, or no display at all
Problem: The LED/LCD is damaged
Solution: Replace the LED/LCD of your laptop
Estimated cost: AED 145 to AED 375

Symptom: Some keys are functioning while others are not
Problem: Your keyboard has experienced an extremely rare circuit problem
Solution: Replace your keyboard
Estimated cost: AED 65 to AED 175

Symptom: Laptop top part (AB part) and bottom part (CD part) are getting separated
Problem: Hinges broken
Solution: Get the laptop’s hinges replaced
Estimated cost: AED 85 to AED 175

*Note: please add service charges AED 100 to the above prices.

Other problems of concern with Samsung Laptops

In addition to any of the aforementioned problems and solutions, your Acer Laptop could also experience other issues, such as:

  • Laptop fan making excessive sound
  • System is overheating
  • Blue screen is being displayed while booting windows
  • Windows hangs after a while
  • Charging light blinks constantly
  • Hard drive is producing sound
  • No sound from internal speakers
  • Power DC jack does not fit properly
  • No audio from audio jack
  • External VGA not is functioning
  • USB port not working
  • Wifi unable to connect
  • Network RJ45 jack not working

You need to contact us immediately if your laptop is experiencing any of these or any other similar problems.

Other problems of concern with Samsung Laptops

samsung laptop repair

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We have been serving the IT sector in the UAE since 1995 and are proud to be one of the leading Samsung Laptop Service Centers in the UAE. We serve all the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates:

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