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Electronee: the One-stop Shop for all your IT needs!

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our aim at Electronee.com is to be at the forefront of IT services and solutions in the UAE.

We also aim to provide full hardware support for all Apple® products including all models of the Apple MacBook, all models of the iMac, and for all iPhones at the lowest possible prices.

We also cater to the hardware support needs of other laptops including HP laptops, Dell laptops, Lenovo laptops, Toshiba laptops and Microsoft Surface.

About Our Company

Electronee.com which is now owned by the Electronee Group, was previously owned by Al Hasanain Computers LLC.

Al Hasanain Computers LLC was incorporated in Dubai on 5th May 1994. Since then, we have been actively involved in the trade of various I.T based products and in providing service solutions ranging from assembling of desktops to CRT repairing, and all the way to networking/cabling in late 90’s.

As time passed, we diversified our products and services within this domain.

In 2002, we were the leading importers in the Middle East, trading in laptops spare parts such as laptop battery, chargers, keyboards, motherboard, all of which were imported from the USA and from China.

In early 2000 we also established Laptop Clinic, a fully owned subsidiary of Al Hasanain Computers LLC, in Pakistan, to cater to the growing IT needs there.

Our urge to serve your IT needs did not end there.

In 2012 we went on to successfully establish a separate department for Data Recovery, with the aim of providing the highest level of Data recovery services, in line with international standards, like Chip Off data recovery, physical damaged heads and platters recovery, SSD, RAID server, SAS etc. with ISO specifications.

Now by establishing Electronee.com, we have taken yet another step to serve you better.

About Our Company

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