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Need to buy Battery or Charger for your Laptop?

If so, you have come to the right place!

We have been one of the largest importers of laptop spare parts in the UAE since 1995 and at Electronee, we sell batteries and chargers for all major Laptop and MacBook models including:

  • MacBook Pro models
  • MacBook Air models
  • HP Laptop models
  • Lenovo Laptop models
  • Dell Laptop models
  • Acer Laptop models
  • Samsung Laptop models
  • Microsoft Surface models
  • HP Omen models
  • Acer Predator models
  • Lenovo Legion models
  • MSI models
  • Razer Blade models
  • Dell Alienware models

To buy a battery, charger or adapter for your laptop or MacBook, contact us on WhatsApp today!



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